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February 6th 2014
There’s nothing like setting yourself a very tight target to concentrate the mind.
The decorating continues, but today we saw the end of the carpet and vinyl floor being put in. And what a difference! 🙂 We now have more bright, airy rooms instead of the 1980s terracotta carpet and salmon pink light shades!

 Triple Bedroom Ensuite

February 15th 2014
As promised here’s some photos of a couple of the rooms we’ve revamped recently.

Superior Double, now sporting subtle green and white tones with complimentary art work.

 Superior Double

Treat yourself to a ‘proper’ coffee from our Nescafe Dulce Gusto machine, with a selection of complimentary coffee capsules.

 Superior Double Coffee Machine

The ensuite is now in a blue/steel shade. A perfect place to pamper yourself.
(Must get rid of that pine toilet seat though!)

 Superior Double Ensuite

The Twin Room, has been updated with a cream and chocolate scheme.
The single beds are extra long at 6ft 6″, which are perfect for our taller guests, and feature top quality pocket sprung/memory foam mattresses.

 Twin Room  Twin Room Ensuite   Twin Room

More photos to come as the rooms are finished.

February 18th 2014
One advantage of opening early in the season is that we’re not full to the brim – which is just as well, as it’s given us time to finish the last couple of rooms while having the others occupied 🙂

Here’s a few photos just to prove we haven’t been loafing around doing nothing all day….

Standard Double  Triple Room  Triple Room Ensuite      



February 22nd 2014
Having worked pretty hard since Christmas, we decided to take a few hours off and wander down the disused Churnet Valley Railway line.

This path runs from the bottom of our hill, following the Churnet River, all the way past The Ramblers Retreat, Alton Towers and the JCB test track, to Denstone 5.5 miles away.

One of the great things about old railways lines (I think) is that they’re mostly flat. This is great for lazy walkers and cyclist like me, as you don’t have to expend too much effort 🙂 The path appears to have been recently regraded so it’s not too muddy either.

 churnet valley railway bridge

Just 1.5 miles from our front door is this bridge, which leads to The Ramblers Retreat.
This restored lodge, in beautiful Dimmingsdale, has a fascinating history where you can stop for anything between a coffee and cake or a full blown meal.

In the garden there a several small summer houses where you can rest your weary bones, having walked so far! 😉

 ramblers retreat garden

After enjoying a baked potato and chilli we returned home the way we came to have a well-earned sit down.