The Laurels Booking Conditions

When you make a booking at The Laurels you are agreeing to the following conditions: They’re not very long and aren’t there to catch you out. In fact to 99.9% of our guests, they’re just common sense.

A deposit equal to 100% of the first night will be taken

Bookings cancelled 14 days before your stay – 10% of deposit will be forfeit
Bookings cancelled 14 days or later, before your stay – 100% of deposit will be forfeit

The Laurels is intended as a place for peace and relaxation. As such it does not cater for groups, or individuals, who may want to party in their rooms.
We reserve the right to ask guests, who are disturbing others, to leave without any refund or compensation.
Please do not book a room at The Laurels if this is your intention.

The Laurels is a non-smoking establishment. Any evidence of guests smoking within the property will incur a minimum cleaning charge of £50.
There is an outside smoking area provided.

Guests who leave our towels, bedding or carpets in an exceptionally soiled state may be charged an appropriate additional cleaning or replacement charge. The appropriate amount will be determined by The Laurels and will be taken from the guest’s credit card after departure.