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2021 sees the long-awaited opening of the Gangsta Granny ride at Alton Towers. This ride is based on the best selling book by David Walliams, he of “I’m a lady!” fame, swimming down the Thames and a bunch of other stuff. Oh, I forgot X Factor. Yeah, that too.

Here’s a sneak peek of the making of the ride;

The ride includes computer images from the book’s illustrator Tony Ross, plus tons of special effects giving riders the opportunity to ‘meet’ the characters, which also includes The Queen, as part of the right royal jewellery heist storyline.

Gangsta Granny

Image courtesy of Alton Towers

So there you have it. Another ride from Alton Towers, this time appealing to a much wider age range. This gives everyone from tots to pensioners something to enjoy at the theme park.

Of course, if you’re not into rides, why not check out all the other stuff you can do in our part of Staffordshire.