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With more and more people using an electric vehicle (EV) to travel long distances, the main thing you need to look for when staying overnight is the ability to charge your car.

Somewhat unbelievably, at the time of writing, Alton Towers don’t have an EV charging station.

Electric Vehicle Charging Alton Towers

However, The Laurels B&B has a 7Kw TYPE 2 charging station, so drivers of these amazing bits of techno-wizardry can just plug in and not worry if they’re going to get back home the next day.

It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a Tesla, a Jaguar iPace or something just as electric, like a Nissan Leaf, BMW i3 or Kia we’ll provide you with some much needed additional electrons to power you silently to your next destination.


If you’re new to electric vehicles, you may be a tad apprehensive about travelling long distances and getting to grips with all that’s required to top up your car.

That’s why we’ve made it as easy as possible for you.

  • There’s no app for you to download

We do the techy bit, so our system tells us exactly how much electricity you’ve used, and we just add it to your bill

  • You’re not going to get ripped off

We only charge you what it costs us, plus a tiny bit to cover our maintenance charges. Unfortunately, the cost of electricity doubled in 2022, so we’ve had to reflect this in what we charge you.

The cost of charging your electric vehicle at The Laurels? Just 35p Kw/Hr if you’re staying with us*.

  • Our charger works with all cars

Our charger is non-tethered. That means you have to use the cable with the Type 2 connector that came with your car to connect. You may have never used this cable before, so it could be hidden somewhere in the boot (or frunk if you have a Tesla).
Have a look at the diagram below and check to make sure you have the correct type of cable/connector BEFORE you travel.

EV charging connector types

You may well already be aware, but there are some great sites out there on the infernal interweb, such as ZapMap, which will provide you with the location of zillions of chargers wherever you are in the UK, so hopefully, range anxiety will become less of an issue for those that like to drive around in super quiet, zero-emission vehicles.

EV Charging Alton


*Whilst we endeavour to ensure our charger is in full working condition, we cannot guarantee that it will be so during your stay

Just make sure you contact us first to reserve your spot.

If you need to charge your electric vehicle en route to us, check out Gridserve or ZapMap to find the best place to collect some much-needed electrons.