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Those of you who’ve stayed with us already will probably have noticed the beautiful sculpture that greets you, on your way to reception. What you won’t have seen, of course, is how she’s actually made.

During lockdown, thanks to COVID-19 we’ve spent a lot of time wishing that certain things hadn’t happened and that other things would happen.
These wishes are in the very real embodiment of our very own ‘Wish Maker’.
Courtesy of Robin at Wire Sculpture by FantasyWire we’ve been lucky enough to secure our very own Fairy wish.
Wish Maker is a unique fairy sculptured in stainless steel wire.

Wish Maker Finished

Wish Maker sketch

These amazing sculptures are conceived, designed and brought to life in our very own village of Oakamoor by the brilliant talent of Robin Wight.

Although anatomically accurate, the initial modelling stage is fairly rough – No more than a hint of the beauty she will eventually become.

Wish Maker Construction

This is then fleshed out in Robin’s ‘shed’ (a man cave I seriously covet!) to become this.

Wish Maker construction2

Once completed, the full beauty of the finished article is revealed. And beauty it is 🙂

Wish Maker by Fantasy Wire

Helen and I were lucky enough to be taken around Robin’s workshop and shown the full creative process. I can tell you, creating one of these fairies is not the work of moments – which is why I decided to buy one for Helen’s significant birthday. Can you imagine the brownie points I’ve amassed??! 🙂

Wish Maker has now taken pride of place on our front veranda. Visible, not only to us from our lounge, but also to all our guests as they arrive.