Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ


Frequently asked Questions

Here’s the answer to some of the most commonly asked questions we get asked. If the answer to your question isn’t here, feel free to drop us a line.

Where can I get cheap Alton Towers tickets?

Cheap Alton Towers tickets can be found in a number of ways;

The best place to buy them is from Alton Towers directly. This might sound strange, but if you buy your tickets more than 5 days in advance, you’ll save 30% on your entrance fee! You may also get early rider tickets thrown in 🙂
Other places to find 2 for 1 or similar deals include from some daily newspapers or off Cornflakes packets.

What is Alton Towers Postcode?

Alton Towers postcode is ST10 4DB
If you’re using sat nav you may find yourself being taken some very strange routes. We would always recommend ignoring your sat nav when you get within 20 miles of Alton Towers and just follow the signs.

You may well be surprised at how rural it is around Alton Towers. The theme park is sat on top of a hill on the side of The Churnet Valley – a fabulously picturesque place, well worth visiting in it’s own right.
So why not spend an extra day here and enjoy more of what Staffordshire has to offer

What time can I check in at The Laurels?

Guest check in time is from 16:30 to 21:30
Please arrive no later than 21:30 to ensure other guests will not be disturbed.
You’re more than welcome to arrive before 16:30 to drop off your luggage, but this needs to be by prior arrangement only, as we may not be in. After all, someone’s got to go out and buy the ingredients for your yummy breakfast.

How far is The Laurels from Alton Towers?

The Laurels is only 1 ½ miles away from Alton Towers, and even though none of the roads are straight around here, it will only take about 5 minutes to drive.

Do you have off road parking?

Yes we have a large free private car park for overnight guest use.
You can also leave your car with us if you want to take the bus, or share a car with friends when you’re out

On the day of departure what time do I have to vacate my room?

Please ensure you leave by 10:00
This gives us a chance to make sure the rooms are pristine before our next guests arrive. As such, we don’t offer any late checkout facility.

Can I walk to Alton Towers from The Laurels?

In theory you can. In practice – We really don’t recommend it!
It will take you around 30 – 40 minutes to walk there and it’s mostly uphill. Remember the park is massive so you’ll be walking around all day when you get there too.

If you’re still keen to give it a go, have a look at this link. Just remember, we said it wasn’t a good idea 🙂

Is smoking permitted?

All rooms and buildings (including guest bedrooms) are strictly no smoking.
However, you’re free to smoke in the designated outdoor areas, where we’ve provided you some ashtrays.

What about smoking in the bedroom?

No. This is against the law.
I’m sure you’re glad to know The Laurels is fitted with a very sensitive and sophisticated fire alarm system. This protects all our guests.
Guests who insist on smoking in their rooms (even leaning out of the window) will trigger the fire alarm. This means everyone will have to rush outside (us included) possibly wearing no clothes – and nobody wants to see that! You’ll also make the other guests very angry because the fire alarm is incredibly loud.
As a punishment for the crimes of causing excessive noise and possible inappropriate nakedness, you’ll be subject to a minimum ÂŁ50 additional cleaning charge

What if I haven’t got a car?

There is a special bus that runs directly from The Laurels to the entrance of Alton Towers and it only costs ÂŁ1 pound return!
This bus only runs at peak periods and MUST be booked 24hrs in advance. See details here.

You can take a taxi but you need to book this well in advance. It is very unlikely that you’ll be able to ring a taxi in the morning and expect it to turn up.

Can I drink the tap water in my bedroom?

Yes – All cold water is from direct mains supply so is suitable for drinking.

What other facilities are in my bedroom?

All rooms are centrally heated and have thermostatically controlled radiators. You can adjust the heating level as you require.

There is tea/coffee, kettle, mugs, spoons, milk, sugar, sweetener and biscuits.
Your room will also have digital TV, FREE WiFi internet access, a hairdryer and a fan. An iron and ironing board is available upon request.
Our Four Poster and Superior Double rooms also have a Dolce Gusto coffee machine with a selection of coffee pods.

Is breakfast included in the room rate?

We include Helen’s lovely Full English breakfast as well as fruit juice, cereal and toast

Are there facilities to prepare or cook my own food?

Sorry but we are unable to offer you barbecue, other food preparation or cooking facilities.
However we are happy to refrigerate any food you may have brought with you.

Will I need to bring my own towels and toiletries?

We provide hand soap, moisturiser, a hand towel and a large fluffy towel for in room use. We also have shower gel in the shower cubicles.
You should bring your own towels for visits to waterparks and swimming baths.
Guests in our Four Poster or Superior Double rooms receive complimentary shampoo, conditioner and shower gel.

Do I have to be back by a certain time at night?

No 🙂
You will be given a room key when you arrive and are free to come and go as you please during your stay. We have no curfew.
We only ask that early birds and night owls are respectfully quiet for other guests and our neighbours.

Do you serve food in the evenings?

No. We do bed and breakfast only.
However we’re lucky enough to have several pubs and restaurants, that serve high quality food close by, so why not give them a try! It’s all part of our rural charm

Are babies and very young children welcome at The Laurels?

Of course. We make every effort to assist families with infants to enjoy as trouble free stay as possible, including providing travel cots and high chairs for you to use.
We’re also happy to store baby milk and weaning foods in our fridge, or heat them in a microwave for you.

How do I know which Alton Towers rides are open?

You can quickly and easily find which Alton Towers rides are open by going to this link.
You may also wish to download their app as it gives queue times too.

Do you have any facilities for less mobile guests or those with disabilities?

I’m afraid there are several steps up to The Laurels which makes it unsuitable for disabled guests

Where can I get an Alton Towers Map?

You can download a map of the Alton Towers Theme park here

As things can change, it’s probably best to visit their site to get the latest one.

Where is Alton Towers?

Alton Towers is in Staffordshire.
It’s in the middle of England, pretty much stuck between Birmingham and Manchester.

You may be surprised how rural it is around here, as The Towers is sat on the side of the gorgeous Churnet Valley.
This video will give you an idea of what you’re missing if you just go to the park and nowhere else.