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Meet the owners - The Laurels

Meet Ali & Anne-Mette

Welcome to The Laurels, the home of Ali and Anne-Mette. We are so delighted to share this beautiful place with you. The Laurels has been in the Mead Family for many years and it is our joy to open our doors and invite others to experience the warmth and charm that makes The Laurels so special. Whether you are here for a peaceful retreat or to explore the picturesque surroundings, we hope you feel as much at home as we do.

Our Heritage

Steeped in history and surrounded by natural splendour, The Laurels is a testament to timeless elegance and refined hospitality. Explore the rich heritage of our estate, from the meticulously preserved Victorian architecture to the rolling landscapes of the Somerset countryside. Whether you're seeking a romantic getaway, a corporate retreat or a serene escape with loved ones, The Laurels invites you to create cherished memories in an unforgettable setting.

The Laurels - Exterior

The Laurels is a historical gem nestled in the Somerset countryside. This beautiful estate, designed by renowned architect Hans Price in 1874, stands as a testament to Victorian elegance and architectural beauty. Originally built as a grand gift from Mr. Gill to his beloved wife, the house boasts a rich history, having been home to a handful of families over the past century.

In 1999, The Laurels was acquired by the Mead family in a run down state, with crumbling walls and a collapsing roof. Their dedication to preserving and revitalising this historic property spanned over four to five years, transforming it into a stunning house that honoured its Victorian heritage, in keeping with the time. The most recent refurbishment, taking place between 2022-2024 has seen a modernisation of the property, utilising the natural light, adding a more contemporary feel suitable for both family and corporate stays.

The kitchen, once a scullery and coal store, over the decades has been opened up to create a welcoming, airy space perfect for entertaining. The original servant bells and other historical elements, like the intricately restored coving and skirting boards, are preserved throughout the house, blending seamlessly with modern amenities.

The original china pantry of the house was similarly opened up to join the adjoining smoking room. It was aligned with shelves to enable a small library and office space and became part of the cosy lounge that is now known as the Old Smoking Room.

The entrance hall features Victorian tiling and the beautifully carved oak staircase leading to the first floor. Originally stained glass doors lead to the lobby where pictures of the first family to live in The Laurels are hung.

Kitchen - The Laurels

A formal dining room, with a secret fireplace compartment and Danish royal Copenhagen plates, reflects a fusion of heritage and personal touches from the Mead family. The original architectural drawings of Hans Price were found during the recent restoration and have been put on display here as a reminder of the history of the house.

Dining Room - The Laurels
Drawing Room - The Laurels

Opposite the Dining Room is the bright and airy Drawing Room. This room showcases the beautiful wooden three panel bay windows with views of the gardens. The ceiling is adorned with the original intricate cornices and ceiling rose.

Upstairs, the bedrooms each tell their own story. From the former servants' quarters to the master suite with its custom-carved oak bedframe and clawfoot bath, every room combines playful Scandinavian style with the home's Victorian roots. The painstaking restoration work, especially in rooms where traditional Lyme plaster was replaced in the traditional method and cornices were restored, showcases the commitment to maintaining the house’s historical integrity.

Bedroom - The Laurels

The conservatory, added in the late 1800s, and the cheese room, once used for storing and preserving food throughout the year, now serve as versatile spaces for conferences, dining or celebratory events.

Explore The Laurels and experience a heritage home that not only honours its Victorian past but also embraces contemporary elegance, creating a perfect setting for both relaxation and business.