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Award of Excellence - Hotels Combined

We are thrilled to be working with the best hotels in the United Kingdom and The Laurels B&B is certainly among them” said Paulina Krolikowska, market manager of HotelsCombined United Kingdom “What is different about the Recognition of Excellence is the way information is gathered and analysed: it all depends on the guest and his or her experience with that particular accommodation.”


Those nice chaps (or chapesses) at HotelsCombined, not only like to save characters by omitting the space between Hotels and Combined in their name, they also like to hand out the occasional award to boot.

It was with considerable pride then, that we discovered that we’d been awarded their Recognition of Excellence Award!

The best thing about this award, is that it’s based on both customer reviews (which is super-important) and the way we manage the business too, which is also very important, but probably invisible to our guests 🙂

You can see a copy of our certificate here, which we’ll be printing out and hanging on our wall somewhere just to boast a little about our success 😉