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How much per room 2 adults 2 kids pls end of october


6 days ago

The Laurels B&B

OK, FB friends, we're after your help again πŸ˜„
If there was a mini fridge in your room (thinking B&B here, not at home) what snacks would you like to see in it?
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milk, mini wine orange juice chocs/snacks

Are they free??

Wine, chocolate, and more wine and chocolate. X

Ice cubes, vanilla ice-cream, grapes, diet pepsi and freedom to use for own bought booze

Savoury snacks (mini cheddars, Pringles etc), popcorn and chocolate would be good. Beer and wine would be awesome!

When in a B&B I prefer to have fridge space for my own stuff. But a pint of proper milk and some bottled water would be ace. Not fussed about snacks.

Good quality gluten free stuff that’s so delicious everybody can enjoy it. Real milk. Possibly a beer or two

Having a fridge empty is a huge bonus in b&b, water and a new pint of fresh milk would be only asks... hate overpriced mini bars but a bottle opener and invitation to bring your own if you don’t have a bar welcome... loads of families hate minibars with crisps and chocolate as kids then pester or pinch

Diet Coke, hula hoops (plain), Curly Wurly, fresh skimmed milk.

Water (sparkling and still) Fruit juice Cola Lemonade Cheese (Aldi Babybel) Packets of smoked almonds, dried mixed fruit or mixed fruit amd nuts. Mini chocolate bars in milk, white & dark. xx

I would put water and juice. Most small bottles of wine do not taste that good. Maybe some cheese that last longer than a day. Have a little basket outside for a few individual wrapped chocolates and crackers. Simple is always good. Chocolate in fridge destroys the flavor.

Chocolate!! and mini cans of assorted soft drinks

Chocolate chocolate and more chocolate

Toblerone cola fish and chip snacks

Shots , crackers ,cheese spread , crisps and for the man chocolate xx

cheese, crackers, mini jars of chutney, olives, pickles nice savoury snacks

Mini Pringles, chocolate bars. shorts with mixers. Small beer and wines πŸ™‚

An empty fridge so u can bring ur own goodies πŸ™‚

Mini wine . Couple of shorts with mixers . Mini beer . Crackers with mini cheeses and abit of chocolate too πŸ˜‹

Bottle of water, orange juice, Coca Cola, chocolate bars

Cheese and crackers Fruit maybe banana xxx

Save me bringing my own πŸ˜‰. Juice cartons (not ones with artificial rubbish though)

Juice, cheese and biscuits/crackers. Fruit bags

Milk, Coke Zero, Maltese’s, dairy milk, peanuts, crisps, Pringles lol

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Spotted it!!

Lee Hurrell

Just found this in the garden 😁 Not heard of it before, but it comes from Love on the Rocks UK (Theyre on FB)


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Ooh you post on love on the rocks and then rehide I believe!

3 weeks ago

The Laurels B&B

It's time for another of our 'quick n dirty' polls, so it would be great if you could help us out 😊

It seems the old staples of jam and marmalade are out of fashion nowadays, so the question is, given that we already provide, jam, marmalade, honey and Marmite, what would YOU prefer on your toast in the morning?
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Thanks for all your suggestions peeps, it's much appreciated πŸ™‚ I think we're going to go for Nutella to begin with, then see how things go πŸ™‚

ginger preserve/ marmalade

Bacon sausage and egg pleaseπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Cream cheese with honey and walnutsπŸ˜‹

Nutella and banana! 😍


Marmalade, Those others are for afternoon tea, variously on scones or crumpets. And did I see someone suggest peanut butter? Dear god! You might as well start serving pancakes and syrup. Marmite for breakfast? - you'll be wearing corks on your hat next.

Whole Earth peanut butter!

Type 2, so toast and marmalade of my diet, but if I could it would be marmalade xx

Almond butter 😌

Peanut butter! 😊

I prefer jam. But different flavours would be a good. James usually likes peanut butter.

Hazelnut spread? Although my preference is Marmalade (just to be controversial πŸ˜‰

Nutella, peanut butter or cream cheese (obviously not altogether lol)

I still like strawberry jam yummy xx

Marmite topped with avocado & a poached egg. Yummy!

I'm a lime marmalade & blueberry jam girl πŸ’–

Just raspberry jam ta!

Good old scrambled eggs πŸ₯š 😊

Jam πŸ˜‹

Marmalade xxx


Chocolate spread!! 😍

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Amazing photos , loved seeing you all again, still can't get over, that wee man is 10 months already, where has that gone. Look forward to seeing you again soon xx

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