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Ready for the Big Reveal?

Phil and Helen have been slaving away, doing all kinds of renovations and upgrades to the rooms at The Laurels, in preparation to welcome in the 2017 season on the 25th March. So I, Sharon (aka ‘Guest admin’), am stepping in to take over their blog for a little while, whilst they carry on beautifying the place ready for the new guests, and also take a very well deserved holiday!

I’m doing a volunteer work exchange with Phil and Helen, so I get a true insider’s perspective on what it’s like to stay here, yet with an outsider’s view. I’m helping them with some of the renovations, whilst also getting to sample the delicious breakfast (vegetarian in my case) and tour the area. So I’ll be sharing some of my experiences with you along the way, to hopefully give you an idea of what it’s like to stay here, and what you can get up to during your visit.

In the meantime, I’ll just give you a little teaser of what Phil and Helen are hard at work doing. Several of the ensuite shower rooms have been totally upgraded, with top of the range showers, swanky fittings and lovely modern decor. They look amazing and wouldn’t look out of place in a top boutique hotel.

Some of the pine beds, reminiscent of so many B&B’s and guest houses, have been replaced with luxurious and oh-so-comfortable divans and plush headboards, that really lift the rooms, giving them a lighter and more contemporary feel. There are also some other nice little touches in some of the rooms, that I’ll leave as a surprise for now.

Finally, the carpets are being lifted, so that Phil can fix the squeaky floor boards (no more having to tip toe around in the middle of the night for fear of waking the entire house), and also to have some lovely springy underlay fitted, before being laid back down and spring cleaned ready for everyone’s arrival.

Anyway, that’s just to whet your appetite for now, some great new photos of all of the upgrades will be uploaded to the website and blog very soon, so that you can see the big reveal for yourself. However, if you want to see the beautiful new rooms in their full glory, and maybe be one of the first people to experience them for yourself, we still have limited availability for our opening weeks, so secure your booking now 🙂