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January 7th 2014
Having spent Christmas lying around eating and drinking too much, it’s time for the refurbishment of The Laurels to carry on. The reception area toilet is now finished, so it’s on to the bedrooms next 🙂

 Reception Area Toilet

January 28th 2014
The Winter refurb is in full swing now. I’m not sure whose idea it was to redecorate 6 bedrooms and ensuites, in time for us to reopen in February, but I’m sure it wasn’t mine! We’ve spent every day, for the last 2 weeks, sanding, priming and painting what seems like a million metres of mahogany-stained skirting board, architrave and window board. I’m sure there must be a law somewhere against 1980’s decorating schemes 😉 There are no photos at present, as I haven’t got the energy to grab the camera, but rest assured, the fruits of our labour will be published soon enough.