Tea & Coffee

The kettle in your room can be filled with the water in your ensuite. It comes straight from the mains and not a grubby tank in the loft, so it’s perfectly safe to drink.



If you run out of tea, coffee, milk or sugar etc., just let us know. We’ll happily top things up – unless, of course, you’re just taking our tea bags to top up your own supply at home. In this case, we’ll still top them up, but probably not quite so happily.


If you’d like a different type of tea, just let us know. We have several flavours such as mint, fruit, green tea, and other funky ones.


If you’d prefer some fresh milk, instead of the little pots of long-life stuff we’ve already provided, you’ll find it in the minibar (Don’t worry, it’s free – the milk that is, not everything else)