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November 17th 2013
Well, that was the end of our first season. And what a season it was! Having welcomed almost 2,500 guests to The Laurels since 1st April 2013 it’s now time to start our winter refurb before we reopen in 2014. Only 6 days in and we’ve already ticked one big job off the list. Well our plumber has! Our original boiler, manufactured circa 1980, was well past its service life, so it’s out with the old and in with the new.

Old Boiler

First things first though we had to find somewhere to put the new water tanks. Luckily enough a surprisingly large space was readily available right next door 🙂

Boiler Room

It was then just a small case of removing several tonnes of rubble and making it suitable for all the kit. How hard can it be!? Well for us, very easy – for our builder it meant 3 days of hell, digging it all out by hand 🙂 All of which has left us with this……

 Boiler Room

….. something akin to the Space Shuttle Endeavour’s SRBs. Suffice to say we’ve now got lots of high pressure hot water, without burning the equivalent of a days output of oil from the UAE.